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We currently run the following sections

Beaver Colonies (6 - 8yrs old)
Willow Colony - Wednesday (6pm-7pm)
Maple Colony - Thursday (4pm-5pm)
Aspen Colony - Thursday (6pm-7pm)

Cub Packs (8 - 10.5yrs old)
Adventurers Pack - Monday (7pm - 8.30pm)
Explorers Pack - Wednesday (7.15pm-8.30pm)
Discoverers Pack - Thursday (7pm-8.30pm)

Scout Troops (10.5-14yrs old)
Thunder Troop - Tuesday (7.30pm - 9pm)
Lightning Troop - Friday (7.30pm-9pm)

Explorer Scouts (14 - 18yrs old)
Explorers - Monday (7.45pm-9.15pm)

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